Tuesday, January 17, 2012

new wet n wild mega shield lip color

found this display at rite aid ! 
the ad says 2.99 but check the product it has 1 dollar peelie coupon on them making 1.99 

 i got 2 shades on the left is pink Champagne on the right is birthday suite
 this is birthday suit no flash
 swatch for birthday suite not as nude as i like more of a natural color looks darker on but these do have a good bit of shimmer/glitter in them and when color wears off the glitter will still be there.. dont get me wrong the color lasts but will wear off will have to re apply throughout the day for sure worth the price they put me in mind of the lip butters by revlon same concept and feel ! these also have spf 15 !
 here is pink Champaign again not the color i was hopping for i am more of a light pink/ nude color kindof girl and i didnt care too much for color selection
 here is the swatch on again both the ones i got have shimmer/ sheen and glitter to them not sure if the whole collection is like that ( it looked like it ) but unsure i do know ones i got where shimmery
 here is another swatch just depends on how the light hits the color as u can see
 both the swatches together ...
overall views they are worth the price i would recommend if u like the color selection i personality would not rebuy only because of the color choice !!! for 1.99 worth it ! wears nice lips feel smooth and feels like a lip butter on !!! not drying and all around good product i do think package is a bit cheap and didnt care for that but hey for the price who am i to complain (:
if u tried it and love it leave me a comment love to hear your thoughts thanks for reading follow me ...

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