Saturday, January 8, 2011

new wet n wild pallets jan 2011

these are the new wet n wild pallets they were spost to be released mid jan but they hit walgreens early ... these are going to be part of the permeant line with wet n wild so take your time to grab them wait for a bogo ! each of the trios are retail price of 2.99 amazing steal even without a bogo or sale ~ here is my swatches .... there are 6 trios in total ( they also have new shades of nail polish liners blogg review soon ) there is a browbone shade crease color and lid shade all are great but noticed in all the browbone colors are a bit translucent/ shimmer PLEASE NOTE ALL THE SWATCHES ARE WITHOUT A BASE! I WOULD RECOMMEND A BASE WITH ALL SHADOWS MY FAVORITE IS MAC PAINT POT IN PAINTERLY !
ABOVE is the trio in 335 silent treatment this is a must have for neutral lovers nicely pigmented and a great everyday look THE TWO BOTTOM COLORS ARE AMAZING ! my must have out of the 6 !

BELOW IS THE TRIO IN331 I DREAM OF GREENIE and must say as turned off of the looks of the pallet at first i think it is going to be one thing i go to grab for sumer and spring just the right colors of greens ! all the colors work amazing together and this was trio is very nicely pigmented !

BELOW the trio 334 im getting sunburned this pallet is a lot like the normal shades wet n wild does come out with nice colors but similar to some ! but nice pigmented the bronze/ gold color ( bottom shade ) is my fav the middle color is amazing as well not too impressed with the top color but great colors together ! a

BELLOW next trio is in 333 shade I got good jeans (: and a nice everyday blue with a hit of gold ~
this gold color is alot different than the last trio and more of a true to gold
bellow 332 NEXT TRIO IS IM FEELING RETRO i was so excited for these colors but was let down out of all 6 this is the least and most disapointing pallet nice colors but no color payoff will do a update after i wear with a base but first impression would be to pass on this one ):
nice colors but alot of glitter and sheen if you like colors like that you will love this i like more highly pigmented colors but for 2.99 would be nice overtop a color or light easy going makeup day ?!
bellow last pallet new to the collection is 336 spoiled brat and again must say i had high hopes but not all as pigmented as some of the wet n wild shades i have.. the black will need alot to build up
the top shade is alot sheer and the black will take a lot to build up to true shade but can be done i would use a darker base and i think will look amazing has silver glitter the bottom shade is nice but this trio you will have to work with a bit to get the true pan color pay off but dont get me wrong i do love ~~~

all over first review ( please kno i just got these and swatched them have not worn ne of them to tell the lasting power ect ) i love all of them as they are 2.99 some are so pigmented others are not a hit and miss but for the price some are worth it and others are wayy worth it i dont hate ne of them but the one i would pass up if i had to buy again would be the 332 im feeling retro but will see after base and wear it ! I have only seen at walgreens and they are not with the collection wet n wild yet they will be in the middle displays You can check ne were that sells wnw but not around me yet and no worries they are new to the perment line they also have new color liners and polish swatches soon so check back ! all over would recommend abd rebuy ! i really think wet n wild is soooo much better than before as i use to not care for the shadows now alot i compare to mac ( blogg post bellow in older posts !) for sure I would try ! 3 dollars nothing to loose im sure you will love thanks for reading make sure to follow and follow me on youtube for hauls and twitter for up to day sales xoxoamandakisses
be blessed

Monday, January 3, 2011

elf conditioning lip balm spf 15 there are 6 shades of these I only got one this shade is in nude. the package is nice locking lid and bigger than the eyeliner but smaller than the blush container .26 oz net weight and this smells good and easy on the lips not sticky. does it help chaped lips idk it mostiures it but i wouldnt say the best i have tried ! the container is a bit much for a lip product and bulky and to keep with u may be a bit accward If you are buying for color pay off ( what i did when I bought mine as I love nudes ) it is not that true to color some color pay off but more of a sheer color if any color at all but does feel good on the lips and last longer than most lippies i have tried !

I am going to order a few other shades to try out for summer so I would recomend! easier to apply with a brush rather than your finger tho ! I have found it is nice over lipstick to give a little extra more looks great ! thanks for reading

elf matte eyeshadows review and swatches

matte shadows review and swatches ....

elf matte eyeshadow review and swatches first the package is just like the eyeliner and same size ! nice pacage and snap lid for good storage and will help to keep product from not drying out as bad i would still store upside down

at first it looks like a powder then you touch it and has a concisity like its hard to expain and like no product i can compair it too .. soft and easy to work with and easy to blend but I have noticed if blended too much the color will fade. But I really like this and have been trying it out for over a week this shade is in burnt brown and the most pigmented one I have got ! nice as a crease shade or outer corner !

nice color payoff and my fav shade i have tried !

these do get messy ! It comes with a sifter i just took mine off and you will get a tad of a mess but I like it better than having a sifter on and you still get a mess with it on .. an being a thicker base the shadow didnt come out of the sifter as good this shade is very light skin tone and is in the shade muted mauve but to me no mauve at all .. this is okay as a brow bone highlight or very light shade of color this one sadly does not have alot of color pay off

pretty but camara would not pick up just a light flush of color

they do give you a brush with this as well nice brush small but nice bristles but I think it is kindof pointless and too hard of a brush to use with this as most products the brushes or sponges they give you seem to always fallshort nice effort tho !

the sifter before I took mine off just I guess your choice but I think with time this sifter will clog and just Idk in the way you will have a mess tho with fallout in the stoage with really any pigment

the last color I had got was in mint this is the most true to shade color i have a nice green and easy to aply for not alot of build up to true color

these are 3 dollars on and you can find coupon codes online at or sign up with elf and get emails to you with promo codes ! all over a good shadow some colors more true to color than others but staying power is good with a base ( recomend mac paint pot ) I would rebuy and recomend most shades I was disapointed in the muted mauve and the swatches on the site are way off ! not true to color at all ! there are 10 shades total elf has on the site ! thanks for reading hope this helps and ?s just always ask !

Sunday, January 2, 2011

wondering about makeup shelf life ?

I got this question after I had posted a unreal collection vid of my makeup, here is my thoughts on it ... I do think it is important for mascara and think you need to sharpen you eye pencils reguraly... storage and how u apply your makeup is important too.. I would say clean brushes and clean hands. You will transfer germs from brushes or hands onto a cream makeup whatever it is and if you add a lid then the bacteria could grow.. but as far as powders ( eyeshadow powder foundations mineral ect) should last a long time with no worries Lipsticks tend to fade or change color if you hold onto them for so long but if they dont I always clean with achol (: the remcomended shelf life Concealer Up to 12 months.

Powder 2 years.

Cream & gel cleansers 1 year.

Pencil eye liner Should be sharpened regularly. Will last up to 3 years

Oil-Free Foundation: 1 year
Cream or Compact Foundation: 18 months
Concealer: 12-18 months
Powder: 2 years
Blush and Bronzer: 2 years
Cream Blush: 12-18 months
Powder Eye shadow: 2 years Cream Eye shadow: 12-18 months
Eyeliner: 2 years
Liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months
Mascara: 3 months
Lipstick: 2 years
Lip liner: 2 years
Lip gloss: 18-24 months
Nail Color: 1 year

now there are many different times alot of people say for one reason why I think ( having been in marketing ) is sales ! fist and major point is sales if you think its going to go bad you will rebuy another if you need to or not lets admit alot of us girls will not use a whole thing of makeup before buying another rather its as a backup or different shade package ect . this is to keep the market going and in the us at least everything has to have a shelf life but lets say if something does not sell at a store u never kno how long the store had it no date on it at all and if that store goes out of bussiness it goes to a outlet store like biglots or olies dollar tree ect... this product could have been to 3 different stores before you buy it and use it so you never kno how long really it is when you buy it i think if you handle it good you will get alot of use out of your makeup i kno alot will dissagree but take the info as you want thanks for reading be blessed

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I do represnt sigma I do make comision off sales but only 5% I do personaly love them and just thought I would share the link