Friday, May 20, 2011

physicians formula 5 dollar off coupon their mistake or ours ?

this is the coupon ( i left bar code off so no one could save and print out ) that is no longer being accepted wondering why ... me too ? the coupon states limit one coupon per item ! and

expires 6/15/2011 !!! this coupon has been out for over a month and has a month left until it expires ! i didn't find out about

the cvs sale ( 6 dollars off ) and with this coupon would be 11 dollars off .. i have had sales like these before so with the

coupons being able to print as many out as u like me like im sure a ton of others printed them out and went to cvs ! i stocked up

didn't think anything of it until i post the picture of my haul to my Facebook and someone tells me i wasn't spouts to use the

coupons to check physicians formula Facebook ... so i did and WOW to my shock they pulled the coupon ... not understanding

really y i was reading and to my shock the blame was on the consumer ( i have talked up pf for years a lot of my friends went

to them by me liking them ) and they are going to blame me for printing a coupon that they didn't word right and was out for

over a month before they caught it ????? i lost a lot of respect they are telling all the stores these are fraudulent coupons ! and

this alone is a huge problem cause now when i go to my local cvs they will wonder if its me or if my coupons are not good this

makes them and us look BAD im not sure if i understand why they didn't want us to use the coupon on sale items if that was

the case it should have listed on the coupon !!!!!! i got this coupon right off their Facebook page now fraud is on us ?! they have

liked many comments on their page a few weeks ago ppl saying they got sale items and discount items and used the coupon so

y the change in mind and y the long expiration date ? im not sure who is in charge of the marketing ( and i know a lot about

was my job for years ! ) but this is by far the consumer .... most all people who use coupons use them when something is on

sale !!!!!! pf is a expensive ( most ) of all drug store u can by mac for the price of this ! and they have sticker coupons on their i

items all the time ( mostly 4 dollars off ) but never NEVER did i hear of not using a coupon on a sale item the sale comes from

the store the coupon comes from the manufacture !!! i really was looking forward to trying the shadows and liners but now i

will truly think 2 times b4 i do this again its not about the coupon i got my use out of it but its not fair to the others who wanted

to but just didn't get around to it because come on coupon was good until next month !!! and all the sudden to shut it off right

now if they were going to cut it short ( i think it should carry out till date !!!! ) a few days notice would be fine or tell the stores

not to stock until the coupon expires ! their loss is now ours because stores will ( if the don't enough already ) look at self

printed out coupons ! and come on with all the hype on extreme coupon they had to know this would catch on and go viral

fast !!!!!!! well its not looking like its in their favor i mean i kno i kno 5 dollar coupon and all this hype but if i would buy something

off you and take the item then cancel the check who would they come after ......? i must admit if u do watch my videos u know

i am a extreme shopper so i did stock up and didn't think anything of it i did get the last ones on the shelves i get home to

find a sticker coupon on one of my bronzers and the expiration date was 2008 !!!!!!!! really the products must not sell full

price and maybe they need to thank us for taking old expired makeup off their hands lower the price and be thankful for your

true fans like i have for years! i think they have turned a lot away by this mistake on their end and to point the finger at us and

call it fraud not true maybe fraud on their end ! they have coupons similar to this all the time !!!!!!!! bellow in some peoples eyes

is how i misused their coupon ( and now looking back im glad i did !!! ) i don't keep all this i donate a lot so either way i like to

call it extreme coupon !! and think this should be on the next episode of the show think it would be so funny to those who got

use the coupon great to those who didn't im sorry and u should be able to !!!!!!

below are the items that yes most i got free i did go to 2 different cvs and purchased these on the sale with my 5 dollar of coupon ... pf is acting like we stole them but who's fault really is it ?......

don't get me wrong ne one who has ever watched any of my videos on youtube ( xoxoamandakisses ) knows i have always said i love pf and are my favorite bronzers ! i have bought many full price many of times !!!!!!!

my total price for all this was 18 dollars one because i got a eye product and didn't get the 6 dollars off i hope this doesn't

start a bad name for coupons and sales or make limitations more strict but i do see this happening soon ! be blessed thanks

for reading and post a comment on ur thoughts !!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

extreme coupon haul

i don't have a lot of stores where they double coupons ( and if the do only up to a dollar ) i wanted to show others how u can save and u don't only have to shop at stores that only double up coupons u can do it ne where here is how i only spent little over 3 dollars
okay so my retail value was over 60 dollars i paid $3.19 how did i do it ? ill break it down for u ...

First i want to say i am new at extreme coupons, i watched the show and was hooked i always cut coupons saved 1 dollar here and there but i would always forget them or forget to use them ... i am going to stick to this and realize y pay more when u can get it free ? this was my shopping trip ....

the only store i went to today was rite aid !!! i went with coupons and 5 dollars i had in mind only spending !!!

if u have a in store ( for rite aid would be the wellness card ) card most all stores have them to save on in store sale prices these are free to get so sign up ! they will also send emails with coupons or sales when they come out also if u check online u will see sales that are not listed !

u can also go to the store a day in advance just check around see what is clearanced out !! then see if u can find a coupon for it !

but i will be doing a video on all about this and how i do it at different stores

this is what i got this trip and how i got so cheap !

purex was on great sale without a coupon at 1.99 for a big bottle ! i also had a 3 dollar coupon so was a dollar ahead off start i did get a few of these but only one listed !!!!!!

i got the oral b tooth brush was 5.25 and i had a 3.00 coupon bringing it to 2.25 i also had a 2 dollar off coupon i had on my last receipt from my card savings so used it my tooth brush cost .25 cents after that

the crest 3d white tooth paste ( big tube ) was 3.50 i had a 2 dollar coupon and spent 1.50 for that

my TOTAL for these where 1.75 and this was for 6 bottles of purex , oral b brush, and the tooth paste, this was my first transaction i checked out ( i got extra bucks back for tooth brush and paste ) i got 6 dollars in instant savings coupons on my receipt i now can use this 6 dollars for my next transaction .....

next i bought the ban deodorant this was on sale for 1.47 i had a dollar coupon paid .47 cents

the paper towels were on sale for .69 cent i had a dollar off coupon and they owed me .31 cents so subtract that from my .47 cents my total bill due so far is .16 cents !!!!

the tide was 4.59 i had a 3 dollar off coupon taking it to 1.59 total due with everything so far is 1.75 i owe

next my big purchase was the razor it was 9.99 i had a coupon buy a refill get the razor for free ! also ontop of my coupon the sale add had these buy one get one half off so with me having the razor covered i got the refill razors for half off ( originally 14.99 ) half off would be around 7 i also had a 2 dollar coupon for those and this brought my bill for those 2 to 5 dollars ! plus my other items my total so far was 6.75

last item on my list today was a loreal lipstick rite aid has loreal 30% off this week i also had a 2 dollar off coupon bringing it to 3 dollars total i owe so far would be 9.75

now from my first transaction i had 3 2 dollar off coupons total purchase ! i then used these coupons for these items it took 6 dollars off my 9.75 total bringing everything listed in my picture ( plus 5 more bottles of purex ) to 3.75 !!! for over 60 dollars worth of items !!!! AMAZING so cut them coupons and check the sales also thanks to my wellness card i now have another 6 dollars off my next purchase so new haul soon !

hope this helps if u like these leave me a comment i will do them as i buy ! follow my Facebook for things i don't do blog posts on or videos !!! thanks for reading and happy saving its not just saving u a ton of money its a challenge and makes it super fun !


Monday, May 16, 2011

REVIEW la colors 10 pan pallet

as you all know i am a huge fan of la colors !!! don't let this review steer u away from la colors please check my review on the 3 pan pallet !! they are amazing !!!! HOWEVER i bought these 10 pan pallets at dollar tree to be honest i knew not to have high hopes but was still hoping they would be amazing a lot of nice looking colors in these ! but thats about it ): out of all 5 of these pallets there is not one shade i would say is pigmented they fade almost instant and the color pay off is so poor !!!!!!!! even with mac paint pot in less than a hour i was just left with some simmer no color at all i would in NO way recommend these to ne one ! they are so bad not even worth the dollar i paid for each of these ! there are 5 pallets i was going to swatch all these but i promise u are not missing ne thing and would have been a waste of time the color pay off is just faded off the start u cant even build these up cause they are a light chalky texture and when u try to buid it up it will just wipe the color away ): huge disappointment !!!! this showed up better in photo than real life ! fades so fast /:

if you are interested in the colors here they are top~ in splash 2nd row left adore 2nd row 2nd one in brights 3rd row left dusk till dawn 3rd row last one is in warm

there isn't one pallet better than the other like i said all color payoff the same and not good and wouldn't recommend u buy a dollar or not its a waste ): i do love love the 3 pan pallet please check review and swatches for these on my blog so much different than these ones !!!!

i do love la colors because they are cruelty free !!! amazing and wish all make co would do this so y i am a huge supporter of la colors just think they didn't spend time on these however they do make a lot of affordable great makeup just these are far from it ! thanks for reading if u have these leave me a comment would love to hear ur thoughts