Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Limited edition summer chap sticks

Ok so I am a a idiot when it comes to collecting limited edition chap sticks. I get so excited... is that weird?

Either way this happened at the check out line at walmart, I glanced over and that's when I seen them... aloha coconut and mango sunrise,  I know there is also a watermelon one as well but my walmart didn't have it yet ( I will be looking for it! )

These are completely a summer must have!! They are amazing. Would recommend for sure!

And for a dollar.. I'd pick up a few these will be hard to find and limited edition. ♡

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New limited edition chap stick

Well if you haven't picked these up for summer, I'd recommend it! I am still on the hunt for the watermelon one ( 3 in this collection )

I picked these up at the check out in walmart.

They are amazing and just feel like summer! A must have for sure.

Pick these up I feel like these will be hard to find.