Thursday, July 21, 2011

la colors 5 pallets review

there are a ton of these pallets if u want me to swatch all the ones i have just ask and i will ! ...
these can be found anywhere from dollar tree $1 dollar general $1.50 5below #3.00 or beauty suppy stores i have a lot of reviews on la colors so check my other posts!

these are the 5 pan and metallic so if u don't like shimmer these r not for u ! i have noticed with these shadows the top layer of the shadow is more shimmery than the true rest of the pan color

they are a bit chalky as they are so cheap so u have to watch with fall out but still amazing
they are super pigmented ! you have to use a sticky base with these ( at least what i found that works the best ) i use nix jumbo pencil in milk ... these can be a bit tricky to blend but doable these also did not stain my eyelids !

the picture below is the pallet lollipop ..... bought at dollar tree 1 dollar make u holla?
1st 3 shadows swatched
picture below is in tease
below no flash
im sure each on of u have at least one of these pallets ? i would recommend would repurchase you can check out ( i am in no way part of this company just a place online that sells la colors at a good price ! )

thanks for reading if u want swatches of all let me know

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Monday, July 18, 2011

hawaiian tropic review shimmer effect

this is my review on the shimmer effect by hawaiian tropic the one on the left of this pic ( light green bottle) is the after sun moisturizer this smells AMAZING ! the sent is coconut papaya and smells so good works amazing and gives u a nice glinting shimmer effect ( where they got the name im guessing ) but describes it the best not too much glitter !!! its in no way overwhelming its a nice glisten to your skin and really makes your skin and tan look great evens out the skin color

the one on the right is the lotion sunscreen this has only a spf of 20 so if u are looking for a higher spf this would not be for u but this also smells amazing no sent on the bottle but i say smells like vanilla coconut really good smell also has the shimmer but not in any way too much not thick glitter very faint but again makes ur skin look great !!!!! says it highlights ur skin tone and completely agree !!!!! a must have for summer in my mind !!!

these can be found at any drug store cvs rite aid walmart or target ... these are from 10 - 11 dollars depending on where u buy there is also a dollar off coupon in sunday papers or on their Facebook page !!! for sure worth the money ! and if u can get on a bogo sale a steal of a deal when u use one time im sure u will be a fan as well and love it !!!!

only downfall i wish they had a higher spf but still amazing !
these come in 6 fl oz bottles and a little goes a long way !
just make sure to reapply the sunscreen if u are out in the sun all day ! have fun in the sun ! thanks for reading !

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nyc smooth skin liquid makeup oild free review

this is my thoughts on the nyc smooth skin liquid makeup this is oil free and it a med coverage i found mine at my local dollar tree for 1 dollar
i didn't have high hopes with this i bought just for a backup everyday foundation for a cheaper everyday foundation
i have been using for 4 days and must say 100% impressed !
a lot better than what i was hopping
and for a dollar i would recommend to go out to ur dollar tree and look for it ! i got mine in natural tan they had a wide variety of shades to choose from from light to dark im sure they have ur shade !

only downfall i found was it is a bit think and takes a bit to get out of the bottle i would also recommend to set with a powder i used the nyc translucent powder also i founded at dollar tree and works amazing !
i had this foundation on and it was a down pour raining and i was stuck in and out of my house taking grocery in and after i put my grocery away and hair soaking wet from rain i checked in the mirror at my makeup expecting a hot mess this surprisingly didn't streak and still looked amazing ! this blends easy and in no way makes you look caky !!!!!!

would buy again i would also buy at a drug store if u cant find at the dollar tree for sure worth it and a good cheap foundation ! good price great quality

this comes in a 40 ml bottle will last a long time and a little goes a long way ! nice med coverage and covers dark circles ( mine ) and i didn't eve use concealer

let me know your thoughts if u tried this or are planning on it

thanks for reading !

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

maybelline define a line review and swatches

this i must say is one of my favorite eye liners ! and has been for years i have noticed it does get mixed reviews and some love and some hate i don't know how any could dislike this eye liner ...... i only use black liners on a daily basic so this shade is in ebony black and a dark black that i love (;

its a auto sharpen and i love that even more who wants to sharpen a pencil ?

has a smugger on the end for a great smoked out affect for smokey eye or to make look a lot less harsh ( please know this is a new one but i have used long time !)

here is a swatch of the liner with flash this liner last me all day with no problems what are your thoughts?

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physicians formula highlight , corrector and cover up review and swatches

a review on the physicians formula 123 corrector, cover and highlight

these are small travel size and snap together good for travel and come in a green corrector or a yellow corrector the cover up is good it will cover dark circles but my favorite is the highlight !!

the applicator comes in a sponge tip and as i mostly hate these types of applicators i don't mind how this one is at all ! i but 3 small dabs on my check bones and blend it out looks amazing ! not a lot of shimmer and not too sheen at the same time

here is a swatch of what it looks like before blended it ... i love this !!! and use daily

not the best picture i have ever taken but this is what it looks like after blended a bit and just gives a great highlight not too much attention but just enough ! would buy this again as i have and would recommend !

thanks for reading amanda
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nyc blushable creme stick swatches bronze radiance and gold radiance

These two new Blushable creme sticks are in the colors Gold Radiance and Bronze radiance are part of NYC's new summer line called BRONZE BLISS.
The collection all new limited edition items: Two blushable creme sticks, three bronzer color wheels, two sparkle eye dusts, two liquid lipshines, and two 16hr. smooch proof lipstains
I only picked up one of each of the cremesticks, Gold Radiance comes off a little glittery for my taste it has a champagney color to it. It blends easily ok as a highlight but if light hits your face in certain directions you can see noticeably big glitters. Bronze Radiance has no noticeable glitters but has a noticeable sheen to it,
I really wished they would have gone the brighter route like last years blushable creme sticks Pink Flash and Wild Berry love those 2!
It seems alot of makeup brands are going the bronze/golden look but i guess that's whats in right now.

I found these at my local Rite-Aid for $3.99 each.
What do you think of these?

here are swatches with flash

please know these are my pictures do not copy or duplicate *

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limited edition wet n wild pallet the gilded age 33579

these are just stunning summer colors and for sure a must have ! limited edition so make sure to grab it there is only one pallet in this limited edition collect and one blush / bronzer that i will do a review on next

this is a picture of the colors with no flash !

there are the swatches this is very wearable for day on the beach or night out ! workable and able to build up ... this texture is amazing so pigmented and would compare to mac shadows ! they are very easy to blend and as i am a huge fan of all the color ikon collections this one is for sure a favorite for browns !
this is limited edition from the wet n wild color ikon collection i would recommend if u find it to grab it !!! its amazing
the color pay off is so pigmented and last all day with base ( i use mac paint pot in painterly )

if you have any questions please just ask thanks for reading
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