Wednesday, July 13, 2011

physicians formula highlight , corrector and cover up review and swatches

a review on the physicians formula 123 corrector, cover and highlight

these are small travel size and snap together good for travel and come in a green corrector or a yellow corrector the cover up is good it will cover dark circles but my favorite is the highlight !!

the applicator comes in a sponge tip and as i mostly hate these types of applicators i don't mind how this one is at all ! i but 3 small dabs on my check bones and blend it out looks amazing ! not a lot of shimmer and not too sheen at the same time

here is a swatch of what it looks like before blended it ... i love this !!! and use daily

not the best picture i have ever taken but this is what it looks like after blended a bit and just gives a great highlight not too much attention but just enough ! would buy this again as i have and would recommend !

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