Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Leopard print press on nail review

Ok so I have never been the one to fuss over my nails too much. Honestly I do so much random work it never works out for me to go get them done. 

I will paint them up nice one and a while not too often. 

I became a fan of press on nails and some of them now are too cute! It's really all about 5 he glue! 

I found dollar tree had some cute nails and had to pick some up! And go figure the ones I picked up looked like these ;) 

I got some glue there too my other dried out. And i like the glue from Sally's but didn't feel like running all over. If you are interested in the wear of this glue leave me a comment and I will do a review on it after I wear them for a bit!

These nails where a perfect fit! Super comfortable and not too long! Like a sport nail fit! Would recommend and might go back to get few other styles!