Friday, May 23, 2014

Leopard print nails

So I found these fake nails on clearance.  Add a coupon and my rewards to it, almost nothing in them decided to try out. I'm not one for glue nails, not because of the looks because of the wear. I have yet to find a good nail glue so they stay on.
So I decided to use super glue. After comparing the ingredients on the labels they are similar to exact. So not sure if the last will stay longer or not day 2 they are holding up fine! And cute if I must say.

Overall these nails in my opinion are a bit over priced. Cute and way cheaper and easier than salon nails. But the glue is what pushes me away from these all the time. But for me my nails never grow and when they do the are thin and brittle. Great fast no effort way.