Thursday, January 19, 2012

new makeup haul

went grocery shopping last night and had to pick some new makeup up (:
i will do reviews on this within the week 

favorite lip balm

rite aid this week ... blistex 2/$3 
there is a 1 dollar off coupon 
and you get 1 dollar back in up rewards 
making these .50 cents each !! great deal and wow this is great my new every day balm 

the top ( blue ) is restore just for daily use the bottom ( white ) is revive they click together and make your lips so soft !!! just a great must have item love it !!!!!

maybeline color tattoo 24 hr shadow compair to mac paint pot ? full collection

maybeline color tattoo by eye studio 24 hr eyeshadow there are 10 total in this collection i have all 10 and below are swatches ...

i got these few days ago i was looking for them for a long time so gave in and bought all of them /:
they are 6.99 each but this week at cvs if u spend 15 in maybeline u will get 5 ecb back ( not bad deal ) 
they come in a glass jar puts me in mind of the paint pot just looking at them after using these for few days i know they are my new favorite and honestly must have !!!!! 

I swatched these as soon as i got home and they are a bit creamy ( not too creamy just right ) they dry rather fast but not too fast ( good to work with and dries and sets ) easy to work with I have used this alone and as a base and honestly i LOVE these!!  the swatches on my hand lasted through washing dishes me running my hands under water and took a good bit to get off but came right off with makeup remover ! this didnt crease on me at all!! will rebuy and would recommend over and over (:  half the price of a paint pot and just as good if not better and more pigmented !!!! 

only one downfall i can say is i wish they would have more matte colors ( something like painterly ) or light colors ect hope they add more colors to this collection but i do love all the ones i got 

now onto the swatches 

25 below is bad to the bronze this is prob one of my favorites and i know i will wear this alot alone in the summer with just smoked out in the corner ! love this and looks great easy to apply below is just one swatch these can be built up in color but pigmented with just one swatch !!!!! AMAZING
 below is 05 too cool white but has a good bit of sheen/ shimmer to it good for a base for any color ! this color out of all of them wasnt as pigmented ( dont get it wrong still really pigmented ! ) but not as strong of a color payoff as the other ones but can be built up to true pan color !!!!!
 next is 50 edgy emerald really nice teal color also has a bit of sheen/ shimmer to it as well

 another one of my favs below is 15 audacious asphalt nice for smokey eye just like this one a lot this is also sheen/shimmer to it as well
 below is 20 painted purple just a great purple not as shimmer as some of them just a great summer color

 i love this color below 40 tenacious teal just a great color i think spring when i see it (:

 below is another fav one of my top 3 and is matte i love matte (: it is in 35 tough as taupe

 another matte one below is 10 fierce & tangy its nice pigmented orange

 this color i do like a good bit as well below is 30 pomegranate punk very pigmented
 i just love bronze colors last one in the collection is 45 bold gold and the name says it all just a amazing color !!
 here is all the colors so far in this collection ! i hope they come up with some more !!! a pink and more of a nude color would be great so i hope this is the start of something good (: hands down u must have these wear just as good ( i noticed better ) than my paint pots half the price and drug store so impressed ! and i bought these myself so don't think i was paid to say this truely amazing !!!!!
they come in 4 gram jars these will last u forever i dont see anyone finishing these so pigmented and a little goes such a long way !!! and drugstore !!!!??? get when on sale alot of times they have great deals at cvs rite aid ect these will be in the permeant line tell me what u think .... <3 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

new wet n wild mega shield lip color

found this display at rite aid ! 
the ad says 2.99 but check the product it has 1 dollar peelie coupon on them making 1.99 

 i got 2 shades on the left is pink Champagne on the right is birthday suite
 this is birthday suit no flash
 swatch for birthday suite not as nude as i like more of a natural color looks darker on but these do have a good bit of shimmer/glitter in them and when color wears off the glitter will still be there.. dont get me wrong the color lasts but will wear off will have to re apply throughout the day for sure worth the price they put me in mind of the lip butters by revlon same concept and feel ! these also have spf 15 !
 here is pink Champaign again not the color i was hopping for i am more of a light pink/ nude color kindof girl and i didnt care too much for color selection
 here is the swatch on again both the ones i got have shimmer/ sheen and glitter to them not sure if the whole collection is like that ( it looked like it ) but unsure i do know ones i got where shimmery
 here is another swatch just depends on how the light hits the color as u can see
 both the swatches together ...
overall views they are worth the price i would recommend if u like the color selection i personality would not rebuy only because of the color choice !!! for 1.99 worth it ! wears nice lips feel smooth and feels like a lip butter on !!! not drying and all around good product i do think package is a bit cheap and didnt care for that but hey for the price who am i to complain (:
if u tried it and love it leave me a comment love to hear your thoughts thanks for reading follow me ...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

bh cosmetics matte pallet review and swatches

this little pallet and all the fame on youtube .. im sure u heard about it but is it worth it ..?
my thoughts, review and swatches 

first off this came AMAZING packed !!! huge box and tons of paper and bubble wrap and all i got was one pallet !!! for sure worth the shipping charges ! i hate companies that over charge to ship and then try to ship as cheaply as possible ! for sure this is NOT one of those companies very pleased as soon as i was opening ! 
shipping was fast ! 
not sure about customer service as i didnt need to use that but if its like they did they sale im sure it would be good as well 

so i ordered the 88 color standard matte palette 
didn't take a pic of the mirror but comes with mirror and 2 applicators 

this is a nice pallet any kind of look u surely could do with this and great for beginners or not so beginners would say all around its a must have and if u r one not to have yet id put on ur list super affordable ! you can purchase here its on sale now only 12.32!!!!! super great deal regularly 19 so still great but better with the sale u know im a coupon shopper (;
 the only thing i always thought they looked so much bigger on youtube than in real person idk y but just did as i shown here the shadows are each the size of a dime and 88 colors in this one
but will last long time as most the colors are not go to colors for most daily
 now for the swatches so pigmented !!!!!! goes on great wears amazing ( wore with mac paint pot ) doesn't stain the blend nice as well ! impressed they are a tad chalky but not nearly as bad as i would have thought for a cheaper shadow ! would give a 9/10 very good ! below is my favorite for outer corner i use this a lot ! one of my favs for sure
i did get the matte pallet but they also have shimmer , neutral  , so many other choices !
 i love love love pink and so often do i buy a hot pink shadow with high hopes and get let down look at this swatch prob one of my most brightest long lasting pink shadows and tons of shades !
 same with the green i honestly cant say that any of the colors look better than the others all same texture, and blend able  would buy again and recommend ! planning on doing some looks on my youtube channel so make sure to follow me there and will be posting looks used with this pallet thanks for reading if u would like any swatches of any other color comment below and will post them up as well ! be blessed 

Friday, January 6, 2012

garnier the brusher gel cleanser review

i really wanted to do this review and forgot all about it until i scrubbed my face with it tonight and wanted to get it done a lot asked ! 

i got this on a coupon deal at cvs awhile back ! 

this is just weird at fist the brushes and wasnt sure if it would work as much as they talked it up 

this is a bit pricy for drugstore i think and it is only 5 fl oz around 8-12 dollars depending on where u buy 

first off the package its a bit bulking the point is to twist the brush up squeeze the gel onto bristles and then twist close and then scrub face ( preventing water from going into product ) make sure to screw close b4 adding water ! 

  non-drying formula. This is a gel formula which contains Vitamins B5 and E and NO salicylic acid 
i dont have sensitive skin but this does make it smooth non drying and doest make my skin sting or itch after !!! 
good formula 

 the bristles idk im still unsure but it does manage to work up a lather !
dont get it wrong not like a lufa would lol but the foam is there but the bristles are a bit ruff on my skin not unbarable but idk just still unsure on the brush i sometimes just use the product without the brush

 i keep this in my shower and wash my face in there because wow it makes a mess !! i did do at my sink but had soap splattered everywhere on the mirror counter just a mess lol

over all not a bad cleanser not the best but its okay would i rebuy myself no not for any real reason tho its good just not amazing !!!!

have u tried yet

do let me know ! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

loreal true match roller foundation review

so after coupon ( check coupon blog ) 
i paid .49 cents ! at walgreens so i picked some up here are my thoughts 
for the pice yes its okay but lets just say we paid full price ...
the package is okay shinny but i hate this type of package cause smears and looks dirty so fast but the package is cheap made i would be disappointed with this if i paid full price ! 

 close up of the foundation i would have thought it would be more of a wetter foundation its not its kindof drying /: not creamy at all
 comes with the roller idk i kindof think its a neat idea but wow hard to work with looks like u have paint lines (; and hard to blend in !!!
 this is a thick foundation i had to push so hard to get onto the roller !!! and to apply it well just as hard ! idk how else u would use this maybe a sponge ? but i tried a brush and didnt get too far with that its just such a hard foundation it can make u look very cakey and i wouldn't say it is full coverage just not a fan at all of this had high hopes but reason it is getting clearance out !!!
i mean for .49 cents go ahead pick up if u want a back up for ur purse or something but this wont make ur skin look amazing at all and fades all off in 30 mins or so !!!
from 1-10 being 10 the best i would rate this a 1 out of 10 my lowest rating ever !!!!!!
but this fades off ur face within 30 mins ! and i do not have oily skin just a loreal fail ! and i like loreal just not this product !!!! over rated and just a shity product to be 100% honest

if u want to try one i have extras ! will be giving away on my fan page of facebook i know its not something i would recommend but i have extras so letting u try for urself ! i bought myself as i buy all my items i review !!!!!!!! thanks for reading 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

cheap makeup at cvs !!! 75% to 50% off clearance

these wet n wild pallets i love !!!! they ate 50% off right now crazy when i think the pice of them full price is amazing for how good they are ! if u are yet to try these great time to pick them up !!! i recommend all of them u will not be disappointed and for little over 2 dollars a piece its a steal !!!

also a lot of other brands on clearance as well

maybeline lash stiletto liner was 50% off

a lot of the loreal hip duos are 50% off

go have a look