Saturday, January 14, 2012

bh cosmetics matte pallet review and swatches

this little pallet and all the fame on youtube .. im sure u heard about it but is it worth it ..?
my thoughts, review and swatches 

first off this came AMAZING packed !!! huge box and tons of paper and bubble wrap and all i got was one pallet !!! for sure worth the shipping charges ! i hate companies that over charge to ship and then try to ship as cheaply as possible ! for sure this is NOT one of those companies very pleased as soon as i was opening ! 
shipping was fast ! 
not sure about customer service as i didnt need to use that but if its like they did they sale im sure it would be good as well 

so i ordered the 88 color standard matte palette 
didn't take a pic of the mirror but comes with mirror and 2 applicators 

this is a nice pallet any kind of look u surely could do with this and great for beginners or not so beginners would say all around its a must have and if u r one not to have yet id put on ur list super affordable ! you can purchase here its on sale now only 12.32!!!!! super great deal regularly 19 so still great but better with the sale u know im a coupon shopper (;
 the only thing i always thought they looked so much bigger on youtube than in real person idk y but just did as i shown here the shadows are each the size of a dime and 88 colors in this one
but will last long time as most the colors are not go to colors for most daily
 now for the swatches so pigmented !!!!!! goes on great wears amazing ( wore with mac paint pot ) doesn't stain the blend nice as well ! impressed they are a tad chalky but not nearly as bad as i would have thought for a cheaper shadow ! would give a 9/10 very good ! below is my favorite for outer corner i use this a lot ! one of my favs for sure
i did get the matte pallet but they also have shimmer , neutral  , so many other choices !
 i love love love pink and so often do i buy a hot pink shadow with high hopes and get let down look at this swatch prob one of my most brightest long lasting pink shadows and tons of shades !
 same with the green i honestly cant say that any of the colors look better than the others all same texture, and blend able  would buy again and recommend ! planning on doing some looks on my youtube channel so make sure to follow me there and will be posting looks used with this pallet thanks for reading if u would like any swatches of any other color comment below and will post them up as well ! be blessed 


Mrs.Makeup said...

That's cool I didn't know they had a matte palette and I have been all about matte shadows lately! Great post

amanda said...

i love matte !! thanks ! have u tried the wet n wild i <3 matte pallet ? one of my favs as well !