Wednesday, December 29, 2010

elf studio line cream blush review and swatches

elf studio line cream blushes retail price 6 dollars find copon codes online just google elf coupons always something on sale on this site !
were to buy
the cream blushes I was real excited to try out as most of the studio line is 3dollars i was wondering y it was 6 dollars for these blushes .... until i got them from the mail opened them and package was huge !! ( I bought on black friday sale all were 55 % off ! )

size compaired to my blackberry The package is sleek and looks high end as most of the studio line does but i reall like this But only downfall is I would be a bit worries when you do use more and more of the product may be hard to get out and brush does not fit well into this as i like to stipple my blush on but would buy again and recomend ! the lid turns and locks and I would recomend to store upside down, I dont see this drying out but time will tell !

there are shades in the studio cream blushes I purchased all of the shades and love All of them !! few more than others but its just what shade u are going for... swatches for all

the package states as follows smooths on as a cream and finishes as a velvety soft powder for long lasting rich color that is never greasy. I somewhat disagree with the package as its states is a cream I would say more of a thick moose puts in somewhat in mind of the maybeline dream moose but ALOT better and more color payoff ! as it is very long lasting and no fading in color at all ! smooth yes and easy to blend if you want more of a color payoff as I am a bit darker this is buildable and can have a nice color payoff or slight tint I love this and go to blush ever since i got it !

onto the swatches below is the shade in temptress for sure my FAVORITE as i like mor brown tone blushes this is my everyday blush ever since I have bought it ! this color i do have to build up as my skin tone is a bit darker but I love and does not look cakey after building up the color ! i use my finger to apply and sometimes i will use a stipple brush !

next shade below is in the color seductress ( redish ) this will stain a bit as most true reds do but a really nice color

I was worried but a wearable shade and can be applied lightly I did dark swatches for better show on camara

this next cream blush is in shade flirt and a super nice pink ! must have love this shade ! really a barbie pink

this shade is in heartbreaker bellow and above is a coral pinkish shade

below is shade viexn more so of a mauve color and really nice wearable winter or fall shade i look at this color as

bellow is the last shade in the collection it is tease really nice shade and wearable for everyday !

would recomend to keep this plastic lid for storage will help it not to dry out as fast with this white lid black lid locked and store upside down ! (:
thanks for reading my review hope it was helpful?

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sweetTEA said...

nice swatches! did you get free shipping on top of the discount?