Monday, January 3, 2011

elf matte eyeshadows review and swatches

matte shadows review and swatches ....

elf matte eyeshadow review and swatches first the package is just like the eyeliner and same size ! nice pacage and snap lid for good storage and will help to keep product from not drying out as bad i would still store upside down

at first it looks like a powder then you touch it and has a concisity like its hard to expain and like no product i can compair it too .. soft and easy to work with and easy to blend but I have noticed if blended too much the color will fade. But I really like this and have been trying it out for over a week this shade is in burnt brown and the most pigmented one I have got ! nice as a crease shade or outer corner !

nice color payoff and my fav shade i have tried !

these do get messy ! It comes with a sifter i just took mine off and you will get a tad of a mess but I like it better than having a sifter on and you still get a mess with it on .. an being a thicker base the shadow didnt come out of the sifter as good this shade is very light skin tone and is in the shade muted mauve but to me no mauve at all .. this is okay as a brow bone highlight or very light shade of color this one sadly does not have alot of color pay off

pretty but camara would not pick up just a light flush of color

they do give you a brush with this as well nice brush small but nice bristles but I think it is kindof pointless and too hard of a brush to use with this as most products the brushes or sponges they give you seem to always fallshort nice effort tho !

the sifter before I took mine off just I guess your choice but I think with time this sifter will clog and just Idk in the way you will have a mess tho with fallout in the stoage with really any pigment

the last color I had got was in mint this is the most true to shade color i have a nice green and easy to aply for not alot of build up to true color

these are 3 dollars on and you can find coupon codes online at or sign up with elf and get emails to you with promo codes ! all over a good shadow some colors more true to color than others but staying power is good with a base ( recomend mac paint pot ) I would rebuy and recomend most shades I was disapointed in the muted mauve and the swatches on the site are way off ! not true to color at all ! there are 10 shades total elf has on the site ! thanks for reading hope this helps and ?s just always ask !

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