Wednesday, July 13, 2011

nyc blushable creme stick swatches bronze radiance and gold radiance

These two new Blushable creme sticks are in the colors Gold Radiance and Bronze radiance are part of NYC's new summer line called BRONZE BLISS.
The collection all new limited edition items: Two blushable creme sticks, three bronzer color wheels, two sparkle eye dusts, two liquid lipshines, and two 16hr. smooch proof lipstains
I only picked up one of each of the cremesticks, Gold Radiance comes off a little glittery for my taste it has a champagney color to it. It blends easily ok as a highlight but if light hits your face in certain directions you can see noticeably big glitters. Bronze Radiance has no noticeable glitters but has a noticeable sheen to it,
I really wished they would have gone the brighter route like last years blushable creme sticks Pink Flash and Wild Berry love those 2!
It seems alot of makeup brands are going the bronze/golden look but i guess that's whats in right now.

I found these at my local Rite-Aid for $3.99 each.
What do you think of these?

here are swatches with flash

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