Tuesday, November 30, 2010

revlon cream blush swatch and review

the revlone creme blush colors are top to right
blushing mauve, not so nude, just peachy
bottom first blush, and lastly rosey glow onto the swatches and thoughts?.........

Revlon creme blush these are verry creamy easy to apply. long lasting and no fade through the day easy to blend and easy to build up. I wear alone for flush of color or as a base for a powder blush the color pay off is amazing and can be found any drugstore, best way to buy is when on sale bogo. I would recomend these and would buy these again.... onto the swatches ... this color is in #15 FIRST BLUSH redish tone but can be aplied lightly for a great color payoff was worried of the color at first but looks amazing this would look good on darker skin tones this color is the hardest out of all of them to come off will stain a bit but nothing makeup remover cannt fix as with ne red
the package i like it has a pop out miror
the next color is #9 ROSY GLOW this is by far my fav as i like nude cheeks and nude lips my personal must have

very nice natural glow
the next shade is in #12 BLUSHING MAUVE
verry wearable color as well
the next shade is in #03 NOT SO NUDE another one of my favs !

not so nude (:
the last one i have is the shade #06 just peachy
and this is true to color and if you love corals this is a must have !! very wearable nice color !
these all give your skin a amazing finish and just a nice glow look ! i would recomend all of them and these are a daily item i always grab !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

nyc blushable creme stick review / swatches

these I must say are amazing ! I use these alone or as a base for your blush. You can have a light cheek or can also be built up into a strong true to color as you see on the package. the color of the tube is the color of the blush. these are very easy to blend and easy to apply with fingers or a brush. They dont leave a streak look as some cream blushes can. they are I think 3.99 or 4.99 at drugstores and I would compare some colors to the mac paint sticks. long lasting and the color will stay with you all day. I have tried this with and with out a primer and the wear is the same the deeper colors will stain a bit but will come off with makeup remover nothing that you will notice. I would give these 10 out of 10 and would buy again. great for the price. there were 2 shades that are limited edition and would strongly recomend the colors! and onto the swatches this swatch is the shade 644u plazza pink light shimmer

2nd swatch is the shade 0150-04 wild berry limited ( matte )

3rd swatch is the shade berry new yorker ( matte )

4th shade is pink flash limited ( matte )

5th shade is south st seashell light shimmer

6th shade is in urban spice ( bronze high shimmer )

last and final shade is in aple blush ( little sheen )

I love all the shades the urbn spice is the only one that would be hard to wear for me as it is really shimmery but others im sure would love it the wearable of all these are the same they all wear the same and last as long as the other !

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

mac verse wet n wild??

on the right is mac satin taupe ( one of my fav crease colors ) on right is my newly found and love wet n wild nutty in a sigle from the color ikon collection... i have swatched them and use the mac paint pot in painterly the lasting power with this base is the same I do not get any creasing on either one and last all day with no fade. No fall out from either one and as you can tell the shade is almost ( not exact ) but you would never kno what was mac or what was the wet n wild. the concistancy of both apply the same and both have the same texture ! I really must say wet n wild is stepping their products up to give high end brands a run for their money as a mac shadow ( left ) cost 14.50 and the wet n wild shadow was 1.99 !!! and you get more product with the wet n wild. The ONLY downfall if you want to call it one with the wet n wild shadow is i find them really hard to depot and with the shape you just have to add a magnet and make your own cd pallet or something to save on space or just convience, with that minor set back I say either one you will be happy with and notice no difference other than one is square and one is circle and with the wet n wild youll save on ur wallet.. I am a mac fan and never found dupes until the ikon came out !

loreal eye liner

I do not care for any pencil liners but this one I do like ! one of the best loreal extra intense liquid pencile eyeliner. It goes on super smooth and easy eith ease and not alot of preasure at all ! but through out the day I have noticed some smearing i started setting it with carbon from mac and have had no problems and really like the lasting power also easy to come off with makeup remover. The only downfall is I have a hard time to keep sharp due to it is a super soft pencil but nice its soft enough you can use a liner brush ! have and will buy again I keep one in my purse all the time

* all products I purchase myself

opi rose pettal i love this color it is a good fall color however it does need a few coats to get true to bottle shade but i would buy again..

compair gel liners

I wanted to test out my new maybelline gel liner up next to my all time fav the wet and wild gel liner both in black the first picture was just the swatches both went on just as dark the maybelline one felt like it was a bit dryer even tho it was brand new it was harder to apply with the wet n wild one as i have used it for a long time i have never had it dry out on me at all ! I store both upside down .. Then I went through the day for 3 hours i then wiped as hard as i could to try and smear as you can tell the wet n wild one didnt really go ne where and the maybelline one smeared. I then in picture 3 took just water on a paper towel and wiped with normal force like if u washed and dried your hands the maybeline one almost came off. now you are wondering is the wet n wild one too long lasting it comes right off with makeup remover pads or i use the cvs makeup remover no hard times getting it off! the price difference is unreal the maybelline one cost me 9 dollars ( i pay for all products myself ) the wet n wild 3 dollars ! and my personal opion the best one on the market now even compaired to mac ! so you could buy 3 of the wet n wild to one of the maybelline , the wet n wild is alot better product in wear and last and cost all over i would choose and have many of times wet n wild and i wear it daily my top must have favs !

review dollar tree lashes

These are amazing ! for a dollar you would never kno i would compair them to the revlon ones ! they are natural and come in many different kinds I would grab them when you can I buy them in 20 everytime I go there because Im not sure if the dollar tree will always carry these as most the time they only carry name brands when something is discontinued. I would use these with duo glue DO not waste a dollar on the glue cheap or not it is junk ! and u would be better to just but another pair of lashes or put ur dollar towards good glue !! but for sure i would give a 10 out of 10 ! great buy !