Wednesday, November 17, 2010

mac verse wet n wild??

on the right is mac satin taupe ( one of my fav crease colors ) on right is my newly found and love wet n wild nutty in a sigle from the color ikon collection... i have swatched them and use the mac paint pot in painterly the lasting power with this base is the same I do not get any creasing on either one and last all day with no fade. No fall out from either one and as you can tell the shade is almost ( not exact ) but you would never kno what was mac or what was the wet n wild. the concistancy of both apply the same and both have the same texture ! I really must say wet n wild is stepping their products up to give high end brands a run for their money as a mac shadow ( left ) cost 14.50 and the wet n wild shadow was 1.99 !!! and you get more product with the wet n wild. The ONLY downfall if you want to call it one with the wet n wild shadow is i find them really hard to depot and with the shape you just have to add a magnet and make your own cd pallet or something to save on space or just convience, with that minor set back I say either one you will be happy with and notice no difference other than one is square and one is circle and with the wet n wild youll save on ur wallet.. I am a mac fan and never found dupes until the ikon came out !

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