Wednesday, November 17, 2010

compair gel liners

I wanted to test out my new maybelline gel liner up next to my all time fav the wet and wild gel liner both in black the first picture was just the swatches both went on just as dark the maybelline one felt like it was a bit dryer even tho it was brand new it was harder to apply with the wet n wild one as i have used it for a long time i have never had it dry out on me at all ! I store both upside down .. Then I went through the day for 3 hours i then wiped as hard as i could to try and smear as you can tell the wet n wild one didnt really go ne where and the maybelline one smeared. I then in picture 3 took just water on a paper towel and wiped with normal force like if u washed and dried your hands the maybeline one almost came off. now you are wondering is the wet n wild one too long lasting it comes right off with makeup remover pads or i use the cvs makeup remover no hard times getting it off! the price difference is unreal the maybelline one cost me 9 dollars ( i pay for all products myself ) the wet n wild 3 dollars ! and my personal opion the best one on the market now even compaired to mac ! so you could buy 3 of the wet n wild to one of the maybelline , the wet n wild is alot better product in wear and last and cost all over i would choose and have many of times wet n wild and i wear it daily my top must have favs !


thefadedprimadonna said...

awesome review - i will def be trying the wet n wild gel liner now. thanks :)

amanda said...

hope you try its my fav let me kno how you like it !