Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my favorite liner as of now !

ive been on the hunt for a new liquid liner as my favorite one i am out of and a friend sent from canada ... well i found this after may i have tried out and must say i LOVE it !!!!!!
one of the best i have tried i will do a better written review with more pics this is just a pic when i had bought it but for sure a must try !

this is around 10 dollars bit pricy but i had a 2.00 off coupon i used with this got for around 8 ( not exact on the price ) worth every cent !

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Monday, August 1, 2011

wet n wild dream weavers color ikon pallets new at rite aid

here is the new wet n wild display ( dream weavers ) by color ikon

i was so excited to see these i had to pick one of each up considering i am a huge wet n wild ikon fan .. here are the swatches

the ones i picked up these are 2.99 each !
this first pallet in in 33647 dancing in the clouds these are great colors and all pallets are pigmented !!!!
here are the swatches no flash ! the purple is bit chalky not bad and didnt stain
the second one is 33648 fly me to the moon
i was surpirsed with this one the white/silver and the black not as pigmented ): but just one swatch it can be built up this picture is with no flash

3rd pallet is in 33645 bright idea fun summer colors ~
swatches were amazing ( this is with no flash ) no colors stained
4th pallet is in 33646 we're blasting off this is my favorite one out of all of them AMAZING
here r swatches no flash i love this one ! the top pink color comes out brighter than on picture !

4th pallet below is pallet 33649 earth looks small from down here ...
this pallet swatched real nice the picture is with no flash

last one i got is pallet 33650 enter a new realm
here are the swatches for this one again i was very surprised the black is not as pigmented but it can be built up and is amazing long wearing
picture all together no flash

i would recomend these ! well worth the 3 dollars for each one ! i love wet n wild and alot i would dupe for mac shadows or higher end u will never know its a 3 dollar pallet on ur eye i wear with mac paint pot and lasts all day i love these
i found mine at rite aid however there shades are verry similar to other pallets color ikon does have i will do a comparison blog tonight !!!!

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