Monday, July 18, 2011

hawaiian tropic review shimmer effect

this is my review on the shimmer effect by hawaiian tropic the one on the left of this pic ( light green bottle) is the after sun moisturizer this smells AMAZING ! the sent is coconut papaya and smells so good works amazing and gives u a nice glinting shimmer effect ( where they got the name im guessing ) but describes it the best not too much glitter !!! its in no way overwhelming its a nice glisten to your skin and really makes your skin and tan look great evens out the skin color

the one on the right is the lotion sunscreen this has only a spf of 20 so if u are looking for a higher spf this would not be for u but this also smells amazing no sent on the bottle but i say smells like vanilla coconut really good smell also has the shimmer but not in any way too much not thick glitter very faint but again makes ur skin look great !!!!! says it highlights ur skin tone and completely agree !!!!! a must have for summer in my mind !!!

these can be found at any drug store cvs rite aid walmart or target ... these are from 10 - 11 dollars depending on where u buy there is also a dollar off coupon in sunday papers or on their Facebook page !!! for sure worth the money ! and if u can get on a bogo sale a steal of a deal when u use one time im sure u will be a fan as well and love it !!!!

only downfall i wish they had a higher spf but still amazing !
these come in 6 fl oz bottles and a little goes a long way !
just make sure to reapply the sunscreen if u are out in the sun all day ! have fun in the sun ! thanks for reading !

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