Thursday, July 21, 2011

la colors 5 pallets review

there are a ton of these pallets if u want me to swatch all the ones i have just ask and i will ! ...
these can be found anywhere from dollar tree $1 dollar general $1.50 5below #3.00 or beauty suppy stores i have a lot of reviews on la colors so check my other posts!

these are the 5 pan and metallic so if u don't like shimmer these r not for u ! i have noticed with these shadows the top layer of the shadow is more shimmery than the true rest of the pan color

they are a bit chalky as they are so cheap so u have to watch with fall out but still amazing
they are super pigmented ! you have to use a sticky base with these ( at least what i found that works the best ) i use nix jumbo pencil in milk ... these can be a bit tricky to blend but doable these also did not stain my eyelids !

the picture below is the pallet lollipop ..... bought at dollar tree 1 dollar make u holla?
1st 3 shadows swatched
picture below is in tease
below no flash
im sure each on of u have at least one of these pallets ? i would recommend would repurchase you can check out ( i am in no way part of this company just a place online that sells la colors at a good price ! )

thanks for reading if u want swatches of all let me know

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Emily "Posh" Jurow said...

I picked one of these up at Rue 21 the other day.
They were on sale for $1.50- originally $3.
I got "Tea Time" and I was looking for a really shimmery bronze palette.
I don't love it, but it's nice.