Monday, July 18, 2011

nyc smooth skin liquid makeup oild free review

this is my thoughts on the nyc smooth skin liquid makeup this is oil free and it a med coverage i found mine at my local dollar tree for 1 dollar
i didn't have high hopes with this i bought just for a backup everyday foundation for a cheaper everyday foundation
i have been using for 4 days and must say 100% impressed !
a lot better than what i was hopping
and for a dollar i would recommend to go out to ur dollar tree and look for it ! i got mine in natural tan they had a wide variety of shades to choose from from light to dark im sure they have ur shade !

only downfall i found was it is a bit think and takes a bit to get out of the bottle i would also recommend to set with a powder i used the nyc translucent powder also i founded at dollar tree and works amazing !
i had this foundation on and it was a down pour raining and i was stuck in and out of my house taking grocery in and after i put my grocery away and hair soaking wet from rain i checked in the mirror at my makeup expecting a hot mess this surprisingly didn't streak and still looked amazing ! this blends easy and in no way makes you look caky !!!!!!

would buy again i would also buy at a drug store if u cant find at the dollar tree for sure worth it and a good cheap foundation ! good price great quality

this comes in a 40 ml bottle will last a long time and a little goes a long way ! nice med coverage and covers dark circles ( mine ) and i didn't eve use concealer

let me know your thoughts if u tried this or are planning on it

thanks for reading !

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Emily "Posh" Jurow said...

I think these are at the Dollar Tree because they are now in a new bottle. The shape is more narrow and taller. I haven't seen these at my Dollar Tree yet, but I wanted to try the new ones- I've seen those at Wal Mart.

amanda said...

o okayyy yeah someone told me the package had changed so im sure that is y ! but they should be coming to urs soon keep checking back i do love it worth all of the dollar i spent !