Wednesday, December 29, 2010

elf studio line cream blush review and swatches

elf studio line cream blushes retail price 6 dollars find copon codes online just google elf coupons always something on sale on this site !
were to buy
the cream blushes I was real excited to try out as most of the studio line is 3dollars i was wondering y it was 6 dollars for these blushes .... until i got them from the mail opened them and package was huge !! ( I bought on black friday sale all were 55 % off ! )

size compaired to my blackberry The package is sleek and looks high end as most of the studio line does but i reall like this But only downfall is I would be a bit worries when you do use more and more of the product may be hard to get out and brush does not fit well into this as i like to stipple my blush on but would buy again and recomend ! the lid turns and locks and I would recomend to store upside down, I dont see this drying out but time will tell !

there are shades in the studio cream blushes I purchased all of the shades and love All of them !! few more than others but its just what shade u are going for... swatches for all

the package states as follows smooths on as a cream and finishes as a velvety soft powder for long lasting rich color that is never greasy. I somewhat disagree with the package as its states is a cream I would say more of a thick moose puts in somewhat in mind of the maybeline dream moose but ALOT better and more color payoff ! as it is very long lasting and no fading in color at all ! smooth yes and easy to blend if you want more of a color payoff as I am a bit darker this is buildable and can have a nice color payoff or slight tint I love this and go to blush ever since i got it !

onto the swatches below is the shade in temptress for sure my FAVORITE as i like mor brown tone blushes this is my everyday blush ever since I have bought it ! this color i do have to build up as my skin tone is a bit darker but I love and does not look cakey after building up the color ! i use my finger to apply and sometimes i will use a stipple brush !

next shade below is in the color seductress ( redish ) this will stain a bit as most true reds do but a really nice color

I was worried but a wearable shade and can be applied lightly I did dark swatches for better show on camara

this next cream blush is in shade flirt and a super nice pink ! must have love this shade ! really a barbie pink

this shade is in heartbreaker bellow and above is a coral pinkish shade

below is shade viexn more so of a mauve color and really nice wearable winter or fall shade i look at this color as

bellow is the last shade in the collection it is tease really nice shade and wearable for everyday !

would recomend to keep this plastic lid for storage will help it not to dry out as fast with this white lid black lid locked and store upside down ! (:
thanks for reading my review hope it was helpful?

elf flawless finish foundation review

new elf studio foundation been wearing this for a week and gives a nice finish in person and in picture

this package is AMAZING !!!has a frosted glass finish real sleek and seems to be high end at the look no one would never kno it was 6 dollars ( I always use a copon code and never pay full price ) ( you can google for coupon codes or follow me on twitter (: best thing with the package is it has a pump !

This is a thicker foundation more full coverage I would not be able to use this as a summer foundation without adding lotion i have very few spots i need full coverage but I can say this is easy on the face and I have fell asleep with this on and woke up next day still looking flawless and never had any break outs from this ( altho i do not break out easy )

blending is a bit harder than some I have tried but when it does blend out looks amazing and flawless ! My shade is Buff and I should have went a shade darker This foundation comes in a wide range of 6 shades ! sure one to match !

the last 2 days i have been adding some olay to the foundation to make it a little more lighter coverage and love it !!! you only need half a pump for full face and some left over

I would recomend this all day to anyone ! and will rebuy ! My other go to foundations other than this is the revlon colorstay and nutrigena and this is now in my top 3 foundation routines! thanks for reading

Friday, December 17, 2010

profusion pallet 48 shadows and 2 blushes

profusion pallet I bought at ross and I want to say around 7 or 10 dollars Im not sure exact on the price ! the package is amazing I love the c through pieces for the shadows and looks nice and pallet isnt cheap feeling and would be hard to break !

These shadows put me in mind alot id not exact to the coastal scents 88 pallets same size and same quality and texture

They are a bit chalking but nothing that cant be blended out and wont clump or fade ! they also dont stain ! and i would but these again and I have a few of the profusion pallets and use them alot ! would recomend and have bought for gifts and they loved it too !

the pigment is nice ! this is without a base and I use mac paint pot and no problems at all fading . alot of the cheaper shadows color fades and shimmer still stays not these the color is long lasting but recomend some kind of base !!

The bluses are okay but I would buy more so for the shadows ! All the blushes do have shimmer in it maybe y i am not a fan but color pay off is good There are no colors or names with these pallets Im sorry ! But if you see one I would pick it up well worth the money !

coastal scents 6 color contour and blush pallet

This I bought for 19 dollars off the coastal scents site worth it and love as a contour ! you never want shimmer when trying to contour your face ! This is all matte

I will however the pallet is nice just like ne other makeup pallet I have but were the pans sit is very cheaply made out of a cheap light weight plastic so the pans will break easy as my other one has and had. other than that one complaint its a great product and would say a must have ! the Case Size 9 x 6 and the Pan Size 6.2 cm or 2 3/8 inches so a nice size !

Top row swatches ( remember this is with no primer) and this is a Contour set so you dont want it toooo pigmented ! its not too heavy and can be built up to any skin shade no matter how white or dark you are !!! they are a tad chalky not bad tho and color payoff is amazing natural and just nice !

last row ... when I first seen this in person I was like wow on the middle color thought it would be too dark not at all matches me in summer and in winter very doable and can be built up great ! a must have pallet !!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

coastal sents creative me #2 pallet

creative me pallet #2 these all are shimmer ( light not thick shimmer ) these are verry chalky but workable alot of the colors i have noticed you really have to build up okay pigmented not the best i have tried but good for the price these pans are mac size you can buy the pallets already done or you can build your own. magnetic pans and the package of the pallet i love huge miror and the pans are easy to get in and out onto the swatches ..... these are a bit of a harder shadow and i have noticed you have to press a but harder for the color payoff does come out a but chalky and the shimmer pallet is alot softer than the creative pallet #1 ( review next ) this shade has a great color payoff easy to blend out ( my favorite shade

this color has more shimmer than color and the wear just of this shade will fade no matter what base u apply and end of the day left with just a faint shimmer

the last 2 shades on the top row color payoff is good
2nd row down and first 2 colors these i would say are 2 of my favorites out of this pallet
last 2 shades on the second row I must admit a huge fail color payoff when u do get it applied is horrible it fades and doesnt last more than a hour ! that is with mac paintpot as a base ! worst 2 colors in this pallet altho they look nice in the pallet when u apply i was disapointed !
the last row and the first 3 shades I like the last row of colors the best and the color payoff for these 3 are really good ! still all chalky but i do like the colors and can be built up into a bright shade as well
the last shade in this pallet i do like this color but it is buildable but color shade will last for you !

I would recomend this pallet more so than the creative pallet #1 as i will do a review on it as well later tonight the colors are nice. You have to wear a base with all these colors or it will not last and as I had listed even with a good base ( mac paint pot ) some of the colors will still fade. You will have small fallout due to the shadows being chalky but easy clean up and for the price I would recomend Im not sure if i would repurchase this but I do like alot of their other items !

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

revlon cream blush swatch and review

the revlone creme blush colors are top to right
blushing mauve, not so nude, just peachy
bottom first blush, and lastly rosey glow onto the swatches and thoughts?.........

Revlon creme blush these are verry creamy easy to apply. long lasting and no fade through the day easy to blend and easy to build up. I wear alone for flush of color or as a base for a powder blush the color pay off is amazing and can be found any drugstore, best way to buy is when on sale bogo. I would recomend these and would buy these again.... onto the swatches ... this color is in #15 FIRST BLUSH redish tone but can be aplied lightly for a great color payoff was worried of the color at first but looks amazing this would look good on darker skin tones this color is the hardest out of all of them to come off will stain a bit but nothing makeup remover cannt fix as with ne red
the package i like it has a pop out miror
the next color is #9 ROSY GLOW this is by far my fav as i like nude cheeks and nude lips my personal must have

very nice natural glow
the next shade is in #12 BLUSHING MAUVE
verry wearable color as well
the next shade is in #03 NOT SO NUDE another one of my favs !

not so nude (:
the last one i have is the shade #06 just peachy
and this is true to color and if you love corals this is a must have !! very wearable nice color !
these all give your skin a amazing finish and just a nice glow look ! i would recomend all of them and these are a daily item i always grab !