Friday, December 17, 2010

profusion pallet 48 shadows and 2 blushes

profusion pallet I bought at ross and I want to say around 7 or 10 dollars Im not sure exact on the price ! the package is amazing I love the c through pieces for the shadows and looks nice and pallet isnt cheap feeling and would be hard to break !

These shadows put me in mind alot id not exact to the coastal scents 88 pallets same size and same quality and texture

They are a bit chalking but nothing that cant be blended out and wont clump or fade ! they also dont stain ! and i would but these again and I have a few of the profusion pallets and use them alot ! would recomend and have bought for gifts and they loved it too !

the pigment is nice ! this is without a base and I use mac paint pot and no problems at all fading . alot of the cheaper shadows color fades and shimmer still stays not these the color is long lasting but recomend some kind of base !!

The bluses are okay but I would buy more so for the shadows ! All the blushes do have shimmer in it maybe y i am not a fan but color pay off is good There are no colors or names with these pallets Im sorry ! But if you see one I would pick it up well worth the money !

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