Thursday, December 2, 2010

coastal sents creative me #2 pallet

creative me pallet #2 these all are shimmer ( light not thick shimmer ) these are verry chalky but workable alot of the colors i have noticed you really have to build up okay pigmented not the best i have tried but good for the price these pans are mac size you can buy the pallets already done or you can build your own. magnetic pans and the package of the pallet i love huge miror and the pans are easy to get in and out onto the swatches ..... these are a bit of a harder shadow and i have noticed you have to press a but harder for the color payoff does come out a but chalky and the shimmer pallet is alot softer than the creative pallet #1 ( review next ) this shade has a great color payoff easy to blend out ( my favorite shade

this color has more shimmer than color and the wear just of this shade will fade no matter what base u apply and end of the day left with just a faint shimmer

the last 2 shades on the top row color payoff is good
2nd row down and first 2 colors these i would say are 2 of my favorites out of this pallet
last 2 shades on the second row I must admit a huge fail color payoff when u do get it applied is horrible it fades and doesnt last more than a hour ! that is with mac paintpot as a base ! worst 2 colors in this pallet altho they look nice in the pallet when u apply i was disapointed !
the last row and the first 3 shades I like the last row of colors the best and the color payoff for these 3 are really good ! still all chalky but i do like the colors and can be built up into a bright shade as well
the last shade in this pallet i do like this color but it is buildable but color shade will last for you !

I would recomend this pallet more so than the creative pallet #1 as i will do a review on it as well later tonight the colors are nice. You have to wear a base with all these colors or it will not last and as I had listed even with a good base ( mac paint pot ) some of the colors will still fade. You will have small fallout due to the shadows being chalky but easy clean up and for the price I would recomend Im not sure if i would repurchase this but I do like alot of their other items !

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