Friday, January 6, 2012

garnier the brusher gel cleanser review

i really wanted to do this review and forgot all about it until i scrubbed my face with it tonight and wanted to get it done a lot asked ! 

i got this on a coupon deal at cvs awhile back ! 

this is just weird at fist the brushes and wasnt sure if it would work as much as they talked it up 

this is a bit pricy for drugstore i think and it is only 5 fl oz around 8-12 dollars depending on where u buy 

first off the package its a bit bulking the point is to twist the brush up squeeze the gel onto bristles and then twist close and then scrub face ( preventing water from going into product ) make sure to screw close b4 adding water ! 

  non-drying formula. This is a gel formula which contains Vitamins B5 and E and NO salicylic acid 
i dont have sensitive skin but this does make it smooth non drying and doest make my skin sting or itch after !!! 
good formula 

 the bristles idk im still unsure but it does manage to work up a lather !
dont get it wrong not like a lufa would lol but the foam is there but the bristles are a bit ruff on my skin not unbarable but idk just still unsure on the brush i sometimes just use the product without the brush

 i keep this in my shower and wash my face in there because wow it makes a mess !! i did do at my sink but had soap splattered everywhere on the mirror counter just a mess lol

over all not a bad cleanser not the best but its okay would i rebuy myself no not for any real reason tho its good just not amazing !!!!

have u tried yet

do let me know ! 

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