Thursday, January 5, 2012

loreal true match roller foundation review

so after coupon ( check coupon blog ) 
i paid .49 cents ! at walgreens so i picked some up here are my thoughts 
for the pice yes its okay but lets just say we paid full price ...
the package is okay shinny but i hate this type of package cause smears and looks dirty so fast but the package is cheap made i would be disappointed with this if i paid full price ! 

 close up of the foundation i would have thought it would be more of a wetter foundation its not its kindof drying /: not creamy at all
 comes with the roller idk i kindof think its a neat idea but wow hard to work with looks like u have paint lines (; and hard to blend in !!!
 this is a thick foundation i had to push so hard to get onto the roller !!! and to apply it well just as hard ! idk how else u would use this maybe a sponge ? but i tried a brush and didnt get too far with that its just such a hard foundation it can make u look very cakey and i wouldn't say it is full coverage just not a fan at all of this had high hopes but reason it is getting clearance out !!!
i mean for .49 cents go ahead pick up if u want a back up for ur purse or something but this wont make ur skin look amazing at all and fades all off in 30 mins or so !!!
from 1-10 being 10 the best i would rate this a 1 out of 10 my lowest rating ever !!!!!!
but this fades off ur face within 30 mins ! and i do not have oily skin just a loreal fail ! and i like loreal just not this product !!!! over rated and just a shity product to be 100% honest

if u want to try one i have extras ! will be giving away on my fan page of facebook i know its not something i would recommend but i have extras so letting u try for urself ! i bought myself as i buy all my items i review !!!!!!!! thanks for reading 

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