Thursday, January 19, 2012

maybeline color tattoo 24 hr shadow compair to mac paint pot ? full collection

maybeline color tattoo by eye studio 24 hr eyeshadow there are 10 total in this collection i have all 10 and below are swatches ...

i got these few days ago i was looking for them for a long time so gave in and bought all of them /:
they are 6.99 each but this week at cvs if u spend 15 in maybeline u will get 5 ecb back ( not bad deal ) 
they come in a glass jar puts me in mind of the paint pot just looking at them after using these for few days i know they are my new favorite and honestly must have !!!!! 

I swatched these as soon as i got home and they are a bit creamy ( not too creamy just right ) they dry rather fast but not too fast ( good to work with and dries and sets ) easy to work with I have used this alone and as a base and honestly i LOVE these!!  the swatches on my hand lasted through washing dishes me running my hands under water and took a good bit to get off but came right off with makeup remover ! this didnt crease on me at all!! will rebuy and would recommend over and over (:  half the price of a paint pot and just as good if not better and more pigmented !!!! 

only one downfall i can say is i wish they would have more matte colors ( something like painterly ) or light colors ect hope they add more colors to this collection but i do love all the ones i got 

now onto the swatches 

25 below is bad to the bronze this is prob one of my favorites and i know i will wear this alot alone in the summer with just smoked out in the corner ! love this and looks great easy to apply below is just one swatch these can be built up in color but pigmented with just one swatch !!!!! AMAZING
 below is 05 too cool white but has a good bit of sheen/ shimmer to it good for a base for any color ! this color out of all of them wasnt as pigmented ( dont get it wrong still really pigmented ! ) but not as strong of a color payoff as the other ones but can be built up to true pan color !!!!!
 next is 50 edgy emerald really nice teal color also has a bit of sheen/ shimmer to it as well

 another one of my favs below is 15 audacious asphalt nice for smokey eye just like this one a lot this is also sheen/shimmer to it as well
 below is 20 painted purple just a great purple not as shimmer as some of them just a great summer color

 i love this color below 40 tenacious teal just a great color i think spring when i see it (:

 below is another fav one of my top 3 and is matte i love matte (: it is in 35 tough as taupe

 another matte one below is 10 fierce & tangy its nice pigmented orange

 this color i do like a good bit as well below is 30 pomegranate punk very pigmented
 i just love bronze colors last one in the collection is 45 bold gold and the name says it all just a amazing color !!
 here is all the colors so far in this collection ! i hope they come up with some more !!! a pink and more of a nude color would be great so i hope this is the start of something good (: hands down u must have these wear just as good ( i noticed better ) than my paint pots half the price and drug store so impressed ! and i bought these myself so don't think i was paid to say this truely amazing !!!!!
they come in 4 gram jars these will last u forever i dont see anyone finishing these so pigmented and a little goes such a long way !!! and drugstore !!!!??? get when on sale alot of times they have great deals at cvs rite aid ect these will be in the permeant line tell me what u think .... <3 

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