Monday, May 16, 2011

REVIEW la colors 10 pan pallet

as you all know i am a huge fan of la colors !!! don't let this review steer u away from la colors please check my review on the 3 pan pallet !! they are amazing !!!! HOWEVER i bought these 10 pan pallets at dollar tree to be honest i knew not to have high hopes but was still hoping they would be amazing a lot of nice looking colors in these ! but thats about it ): out of all 5 of these pallets there is not one shade i would say is pigmented they fade almost instant and the color pay off is so poor !!!!!!!! even with mac paint pot in less than a hour i was just left with some simmer no color at all i would in NO way recommend these to ne one ! they are so bad not even worth the dollar i paid for each of these ! there are 5 pallets i was going to swatch all these but i promise u are not missing ne thing and would have been a waste of time the color pay off is just faded off the start u cant even build these up cause they are a light chalky texture and when u try to buid it up it will just wipe the color away ): huge disappointment !!!! this showed up better in photo than real life ! fades so fast /:

if you are interested in the colors here they are top~ in splash 2nd row left adore 2nd row 2nd one in brights 3rd row left dusk till dawn 3rd row last one is in warm

there isn't one pallet better than the other like i said all color payoff the same and not good and wouldn't recommend u buy a dollar or not its a waste ): i do love love the 3 pan pallet please check review and swatches for these on my blog so much different than these ones !!!!

i do love la colors because they are cruelty free !!! amazing and wish all make co would do this so y i am a huge supporter of la colors just think they didn't spend time on these however they do make a lot of affordable great makeup just these are far from it ! thanks for reading if u have these leave me a comment would love to hear ur thoughts


Mrs.Makeup said...

Hey hun thanks for these reviews, I see them everytime I go and I was curious if they were as good as the other palettes.

Good job on your extreme couponing :)

amanda said...

thanks hun and yes these are not worth ne thing i wouldn't want them if they would give them to me free ! the 3 pan pallets are however amazing ! xoxo