Wednesday, April 27, 2011

eos lip balm

this is my review on the eos lip balm i bought myself at cvs this was 4.99 i hardly ever buy things at full price this i did and sadly kidof disappointed as i thought i would be y it took me so long to give into the hype and buy one this one is in passion fruit .....

first lets start off with the package as i knew when seeing it in videos ect it would be award and for travel would not be in one of my favorites... well it is hard to handle and u cant throw into ur pocket like how i would when i like a chopstick u want to have it with u and easy to get to

this is round and wide and don't get me wrong i do think the package is cute but little extreme there are 2 grooves on each side for easy open and i like that idea ! snap lock thats nice too ! but u would have to put in your purse to take along with u and idk if u are like me but if it goes in your purse good luck finding it in a timely manor who wants to have to dig around for a lip balm ?

the lips balm is also round /: cute idea bad idea for applying .. this goes on clear no real shine or ne thing does moisturize well but the lasting isn't that great ! u have to re apply all the time! on the good hand this isn't sticky, great smell, nice product, works okay ! but i think all your money is going into the package !!! you can get a better lip gloss for 5 dollars i would go for brurts bees !!!!! in my mind it is way better !!!!!!

better view on how big and round this gloss is LOL when u try to apply u get it all over the place well u will get it on ur lips and all around ur lips sometimes ur teeth and i would think when it wears down will be harder to apply as the big dome will get wider the more u wear it down

all together i would give a 4 out of 10 i do like it and i am using it but keep in my bathroom i wouldn't take this with me or ne thing i like my gloss ect in my pocket and no way u could do this unless u want ur pocket hanging out like 2 inches /: lol not attractive ! i think they hype on this lip balm is wayyyy over rated its just not that great the product is nice just not anything i would recommend or repurchase sadly eos u let me down change the package then it would be ok but still not great a lot like this and idk y package yes is cool but idk fail in my mind all over ! but one good thing is it is not a over powering sent but if u have it tried it or want it let me know ur thoughts leave me a comment and as always thanks for reading my thoughts (:

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