Monday, April 4, 2011

limited edition revlon fashion night pout

what to keep a eye out for (;

i was not able to find this around me yet this is what the display will look like ... my friend thankfully sent me this one and i love it and so thankful she did i was on such a search for this and will buy a backup when it hits my stores !!! these go fast so i see and when u see it i would grab it as u can see they are already all off this display ! the lipstick package is the same as all the color burst lipsticks the quilted package sleek black container and has revlon engraved into the lipstick ( not a huge fan of that ) but its nice sleek package and love they give a color block of the shade on top easy to store and easier to find the shade u are looking for also written shade is on the bottom

fashion night pout ! love this shade however it is similar to soft nude as shown in bottom picture but looks different on lips ! a lot say this is a dupe for lady gaga lipstick

above are the 2 lipsticks out of the same collection the left one is the soft nude from revlon permeant collection the left is limited edition fashion night pout very similar but i like the formula of the fashion night pout better and it is more of a true nude as soft nude has a orange undertone

i would have to say my dupe for mac creme d nude would be the fashion night pout the formula and color is the same nude lipsticks are my favorite and mac lipsticks are always a win for me but must say revlon came super close with this one !

as of now fashion night pout is limited edition and as fast as it is selling out i would say will be back in stock a few times if not made permant line but as of now i would say grab one when u can u wont be disappointed i would give this shade a 4.5 out of 5 and wish the color wasn't quite as sheer but nice great sumer shade light easy to wear doesn't fall into the fine lines of ur lips like a lot of nudes will do and some are dry this isn't and you wont need a gloss for over top of it and i love that lips will look hydrated not dry nice formula hope this helps let me know if you have it and your thoughts thanks for reading i will do a live video review for this !


Anonymous said...

I don't own a single nude lipstick... I am think these may be the ones that finally tempt me!

amanda said...

omg i love nude lipsticks hard candy also has a good one called fire alarm (: let me know if u try them !