Thursday, February 3, 2011

kiss artist nails review

my thoughts and review the kiss artist nails

first off i got these at the dollar tree ! th package is amazing nice hard plastic reusable and great storage as you get 25 nails ! love the design on the nails as i love leopard ( had many styles to choose from)

the glue is what i was most worried about as we all know if you have used fake nail sets like this the glue can be tricky as i learned this was a gel glue first time using it and wasn't thinking it would hold (put me in mind of rubber cement but super thick ) so easy to apply and a lot less messy than liquid glue .... so how was the hold ?

gave a little pin for the top i ended up having to cut a bigger hole and took longer time to dry wasn't thinking it would do the trick ( i would recommend to press hard for a long time ) as i did and its day 3 and been typing dishes for 3 days kids ect NEVER had to reglue one ! must say as im not a glue fan ( the glue that comes with items ) this is hands down amazing the hold and how easy to apply and no messy !

got 25 nails and the great glue at dollar tree for a dollar crazy i would buy these full price at rite aide or wallgreens and will repurchase them again

i love these would recommend only downfall for me wont be for all i like shorter nails and a bit too long for me nothing that cant be trimmed down thanks for reading hope u try and these i bought myself not sent or paid or told what to say honest opion

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