Wednesday, February 16, 2011

loreal kohl liner review

loreal kohl liner this was raved all around i never seemed to pick it up i was happy with my wet n wild gel liner i was in no rush to try this ! at cvs 75% off sale i seen this was a clearance item and i picked it up for a little over 3 dollars so i grabbed one in black and one in a silver. these are over 11 dollars full price even with drug store discounts at buy one get one or buy one get one half off this is still not a good price for it ! i was excited to try it and used it the next day huge disappointment !!!! i then looked up some video tutorials on this to see if i was doing something different or if there was a trick to it nope ! some loved it some hated it mixed reviews .... this is a powder and to apply all u get is a stick and its hard so be careful you don't poke your eye if you are not use to this i would say look up some videos how to before just going into it !

like i said this is a powder how does it work ? short answer with the moist of your eye and the dry of the powder when you apply it to your water line it will form into a liquid when you first apply it your eye will feel dry but will go away in a min or so ! I hated this the first day i tried it but contemned to use it over a week tried different ways just alone then added another liner onto tried a liner then added this on top either way and all the ways i tried i had problems with this the color will stain the white of your eye i was so worried my white turned black from the powder but went into my corner so i could get it out but looked scary this never irated my eyes but i do not have sensitive eyes and would strongly be aware if you do have dry or your eyes get irated easy ! the lasting power spouts to be all day and no way ! it gather and wears away and no luck with this color straying ! i had no luck with this item and is in my draw of most hated products !! but mixed reviews look into others some do like it but never worked the way they say so not sure !!! i would never recommend this full price wait till clearance or deal !! i am happy i got this 75% off if i paid full price would have went back ! i bought this myself and honest oppion if you have tried this and love or hate it please leave me a comment ! thanks for reading rating this 1-10 i would give a 1 or 2 ! fail !

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