Saturday, February 19, 2011

jesse's girl mineralized baked powder eye shadow review

jesse's girl new shadows i picked up 3 of them ... they are baked mineral shadows they all have shimmer to them and are in a dome form

first shade is in graphite frost and is the worst out of the 3 color payoff is not that good and wears off and you are left with silver shimmer that will soon fade out on you throughout in the day ! i don't care for this color however

(above) the shade is a nice brown and in plum frost this color last a lot longer than the purple and didn't have a problem with color fading throughout the day you must have a base i used mac paint pot in painterly and stayed all day you will have to build the color up a bit but it goes on smooth and is nice to work with !

Last shade i got was a green in kiwi shine and this color i love for spring or summer not too bright and i like that the color stayed with a base and had no problems with it ! is a lighter shade so if you are looking for a brighter color this isn't for you but a nice settle shade !!!

they did have 3 others they were a black and a navy blue and a light white/brown
but i bought these myself and like all but the first purple shade ): color did not last at all i would give these a 3 out of 5 not a must have but you can work with them ! these are 3.99 and i bought at rite aid


airkitten2001 said...

I like the copperish one... I keep on looking at the maybelline ones but at 5-7 dollars a pop and my limited budget I might just give the jesse's girl line a go!

amanda said...

the coper one i have a dupe for and nyc makes it if u have a dollar tree check there they have a lot of nyc shadows and the one shade looks just like this one i don't know the name of it off hand but i will let u know and for a dollar u cant go wrong its long lasting nice shade too !!!