Tuesday, February 15, 2011

dollar tree tweezers look so cute but how do they work ? review

lets start out and say i am very picky when it comes to tweezers !! i go through them like crazy and toss them just as fast ! i like angled ones and these were angled and felt like a good medal and what can i say the looks caught my eye first ! i used these as soon as i got home and been using them for 3 days and must say they are AMAZING !!! my go to ones before these were tweezerman that i had paid 25 dollars for don't get me wrong they work amazing and better be for 25 dollars but i would compare my dollar ones to my 25 dollar ones for use looks and all around the dollar tree ones get a 10 out of 10 ! and i don't favorite to many cheap tweezers . these were all angled that they had and had many different color choices ! these are sharp and really grab the finest hairs and works really good to get into persist as i have thin eyebrows they are not to big and not too thick and work amazing i have nothing but great things to say about these ! like no other tweezers the dollar tree has carried before ! look out tweezerman a dope for a dollar is right behind you and i gladly switched ! i bought these myself not paid in any way or sent these i bought myself and my honest opine if you have any questions please just ask if you tried them leave a comment ! thanks for ready and happy tweezing !

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MissVeronyka said...

I actually just bought the pink leopard ones last nite and even tho I havent got the chance to use them yet, they are adorsble snd do really look sturdy snd like tjey are going to work really well.