Sunday, November 6, 2011

sinful colors in savage and revlon mint fizz scented

my nails r honestly a hot mess i didnt take the time really to do them just wanted something on them so i could do a diy LOL but either way this is my thoughts on this polish i first started out using the sinful colors in savage 950 this is a super amazing color but is a flat matte color and im not a huge fan of matte polish ... so i decided to put the revlon on top ... sinful colors is AMAZING !!!! for the price of 1.99 and alot of times .99 on sale its a must ! one of the best polishes for the price long lasting true to bottle colors and i cant say enough ! this shade sadly isnt on my top favs but if u like matte its for u !

950 savage sinful colors
my nails r a hot mess my 5 yr old also helped me .. dont need to say ne more he did amazing (; here is the polish in mint fizz by revlon this is a scented perfume and i can honestly say i was never a huge revlon polish fan but i have been buying a few and do like them this is a blue shimmer and really 2 coats and its amazing this was a top coat ontop of the sinful colors but i have used just this and is just as much coverage dont need alot of coats and with glitter polishes sometimes its in clear polish with the color glitter these are in blue polish with blue glitter ( i like alot better ) if that even makes ne sense ? either way i would recommend !!!
this revlon polish is scented .. odd thing i think for a polish idk how many people put there nails to their nose to smell but u will find a reason wearing this polish as it was a big hit with my kids and even my husband smelling them LOL ok i gave in to and smelled them (; the scent actually lasts a good bit 3 hours then i noticed mine gone but either way we buy nail polish for the color not the smell? this is a good item as well with all the other ones i have i would re buy ! below picture of the mint fizz the color is on the top of handle sorry bad pic but u get the picture (;

thanks for reading ! what is your favorite polish at the moment ?


Chelle said...

Ooh, I'm not the biggest fan of blue polishes but I think I quite like the Sinful Colours one! They're hard to get a hold of in the UK though.

Chelle x

amanda said...

sinful colors r amazing ! i love uk makeup tooo ! xoxox