Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i heart matte wet n wild pallet

i <3 matte pallet by wet n wild ! 

this is hard to find i will admit as this is still no where near me :( but check ur walgreens ! 
i had to have my friend in florida pick it up for me 
so glad she did 

 i do believe this will be part of the permeant collection it doesn't say limited edition or ne thing so my guess
 by the title of this pallet i hope u figured it out that it is all matte shadow ! and i love that this is for sure a everyday grab pallet i use this daily !!!!!! i think the colors are a bit all odd but wish they would come out with all neutral matte pallet and then a all color pallet but this u can do so many looks with it i like to mix my shadows so mainly use this for contor or outer corner

and below are the swatches (; they are all pigmented the least pigmented one on this side is the purple but it can be built up ! i have noticed the blue stains ur lids a bit ! make sure u wear a base nothing u wont get off but will a bit only color i noticed that does that tho !
 below is the more neutral side the peach color is a flesh tone for me i love for blending !!!!!
thanks for reading

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