Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wet n wild limited edition coloricon pallets winter 2011 swatches

i had such a hard time finding these pallets near me !! 
they are only sold i guess at walgreens and are limited edition from wet n wild coloricon 
baked shadows can be used wet or dry here are the swatches used dry with no flash ! 

below is the palled called bake off contest 
each pallet comes with a eye liner to match 
i was impressed with the eye liner as i normally not a huge fan of wet n wild liners but these are nice 
creamy and goes on easy !!! 

 here is the liner below that comes with bake off contest
 all swatches in pallet one swatch ! these also can be built up really well !
 below is bottom 2 colors
 2nd down is the marblized colors !
 and below is the last and it is the tope 2 colors in pallet bake off contest
 below bake off contest pallet i love these ! and liner is good ! the only thing i do not like is the name is not on the pallet ! these can be found at walgreens for about 5 dollars comes with liner
 the next pallet below is in baked not fried
neutral pallet
 the liner color i love ! it goes on real smooth !
 swatches of all pallet no flash
 bottom 2 colors
 marbleized shadows
 and the top colors in baked not fried
 baked not fried with bronze eyeliner
 the last pallet in this collection is baking a cake nice but the least of my favorites out of the 3
below is the swatches from this pallet
 this comes with a black liner
 bottom 2 colors the black is the best pigmented out of this pallet
 next 2 is the marbleized colors
 and below is the last 2 shades in baking a cake the pinks are a bit chalky but can be worked with
 below baking a cake
 each pallet is 5 dollars found at walgreens ! i love all of them out of the 3 my least favorite is baking a cake but i would still buy ! for sure worth the pice i was impressed with the liners that came with it !!
the liners in the passed have been a disapointment but i love these ones
the only 2 things i HATE about these pallets in this collection is the names are not on the pallets

if u want to know the names u will have to cut the cardboard out on packaging and tape on back of the pallet huge fail i think
and 2ndly the package i dont care for just the lid its hard to get off and comes completely off idk would rather have just a attached lid would have been easier to get to the product

but other than that these are AMAZING i would recomend and rebuy !!!!! great for yourself or gifts !
 and for the price i wouldnt pass it down !
dont let a cheap price have ne thing to do with buying the wet n wild icon ! they honestly are my favorite drug store shadows lately ! check my other posts or videos for swatches of others they all are a must have and worth checking out !!!!

below is what to look for there are 3 total

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Mrs.Makeup said...

I cannot find these at any of my Walgreens. I want them and the matte palette and polishes badly.However, if they do not have them by now I assume it's a no go for me hehe

Thanks for the swatches, they just made me that much more jealous :)

amanda said...

awe no need to be jealous lol they are not near me yet either so im sure they will be here soon !!! walgreens are the only ones getting these in but i had my friend send them up from florida cause i wanted to try so bad ! i will have to now look for the polishes ! i hate when they are other places and not near us not fair !!! i just posted the i <3 matte pallet review hope u find them soon !!!! xoxoxox