Saturday, October 1, 2011

loreal bare naturale mascara review

fail picture is upside down either way my review ....
i found this at the dollar tree 1 dollar didnt think about it just bought it not thinking ne thing but was truly impressed ... if you find it at dollar tree i would grab one or 2 of them for sure worth it ! this is still at some drug stores for 9 dollars so a dollar is a steal of a deal !

soft brush, the packaging and the addition of minerals and natural ingredients to the formula (while keeping it paraben-free).

(Parabens, chemicals often used to preserve makeup, have a long history of safe use in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, but they’ve grown increasingly controversial as different organizations link their use to cancer....)
here is a quick picture it does separate and look nice i like a more thicker mascara so i had to add alot of coats to get my lashes to look like this but hey for a dollar try it out ! its a nice every day no makeup look or if you take the time you can build this up as well not the best for thicker lashes

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