Saturday, October 1, 2011

eos lotion review

i have seen alot of people raving about this lotion i love the shave cream and the eos lip balm so i gave in and bought this at right aid , when you got back so much in extra care bucks for buying eos ... first thought package is cute size of ur palm and easy for purse use puts me in mind of a computer mouse ! .. not alot of product tho for the money ! light smell , this is vegan and cruelty-free so thats always great !

its not like a cream lotion tho .. it takes awhile to work in and even after being in water it still seems to be there almost like water resistant lol ( best way i can put it ) it works well for me as i do have dry skin , this one is a light cucumber sent not over powering .. i would buy again not a bad lotion not the best but i do like it a lot !

if you have not tried the mint eos lip balm its a must and i also do love the shaving cream !
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1 comment:

moeldridge said...

i love the EOS shave cream as well! Im not that big of a fan of the lip balm doesnt seem to help my lips but they smell good and are cute.
Never tried the hand lotion might have to pic some up.