Monday, March 28, 2011

my favorite conditioner and review

I have tried to find the perfect conditioner/ treatment for a long time !!! my hair is thin, damaged and i keep it long so a lot of up keep with it as my ends get brittle and just dry and flat color looking at times i have been using this conditioner along with the regular shampoo and conditioner but this works the best out of all i tried ! and this is super affordable under 5 dollars i bought mine at walmart but don't let the price turn u away ! this works amazing and smells amazing..! it says to leave it in for 3 mins as its the 3 min miracle. but sometimes maybe once a week when i am in the bath i will add this on my hair and put a shower cap on and leave on for 5 mins or more while i shave ect and with the steam from the bath and it being under a shower cap i feel that it works twice as good as it normal would ! but either way u use it its a must try let me know what u think of it and thanks for watching


mysweetie924 said...

I agree, this conditioner is amazing! I use once a week and also leave it longer than 3 mins when i do use it (maybe 5-10 mins) I also find it works great when i dye my hair, i use this instead of the deep conditoner they give you in the dye box. oh and great price!

Anonymous said...

Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?

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