Monday, March 7, 2011

makeup remover on a budget?

my favorite cold cream is made by ponds and looks just like this but is 10 dollars depending on where u buy it from i was at dollar tree ( and i never buy ne face or hair products from dollar tree unless its a brand i heard of ) but this caught my eye and figured i would try it out i do not have problems with my skin and i do not break out with any product but if you tried ponds and love it u will love this y? same ingredients !!!! all the ingredients are the same until u get to the bottom and few missing but the ingredients how it is listed is the first is the most the second and the last one has the least

this is what the package looks like and truly was amazed with this !!!!! it smells and feels like ponds! if i was to put the 2 products and not have them marked i wouldn't be able to tell u what was what and im sure u couldn't tell either ! and for a dollar ? crazy right ! cold cream is my favorite type of makeup remover and i think the easiest to use with ur eyes as u don't want to have to tug and pull to get ur makeup off ! and this takes off the hardest makeup with no worries wet n wild liner no problem and my mascara lash blast is off so fast with this ! i will not buy ponds ne more ill save my 10 dollars and just go for this !

its nice not too thick not thin at all smells so nice and clean and i put on my eyes opened them and no irritation at all ! just all around a 10 out of 10 and was not expecting much when i bought this but glad i just decided to buy !!! this is a HUGE container with 8 ox of product !!! and can i say a dollar again ?

ponds and this april cold cream are the same only difference the label ! if you have tried this leave me a comment or if you haven't until u read this make sure u come back and let me know how u liked it for sure in my favorites and glad i found a dupe to my favorite makeup remover thanks for reading !


Jacki said...

I just bought some the other day but hadnt tried it out yet.... I love Dollar Tree!

amanda said...

awe good let me know how u like it !!!!

Anonymous said...

I found this ystrday@ DT and used it last night It is exactly like Ponds.! I have used Ponds for over 20 yrs (yeah Im getting kinda old)and last time I went to buy it was 5$. It took off my Loreal Voluminous waterproof mascara wonderfully. Its definetly a awesome find and Im gonna stock up more for me and get my daughters hooked on it too.

amanda said...

i know i love ponds and bought this i have no idea y and omg its exactly the same smell texture and most the ingredients works the same!! and can we say so cheap wish i found long time ago when i was buying ponds but not ne more this is amazing glad u loved it too !!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

your post is very impressive. I Would love to share the information about your favourite brand items as I too am quite satisfied with deals about these items.

Mineka C. said...

I'm sorry, I was looking for information about this product, and stumbled across is via a google image search.
I have two recommendations. PLEASE put the product name (April Cold Cream) somewhere in the title, so that those of use looking for information on this product might actually find it on a normal search.
Two: PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD! Use punctuation and proper, or at least attempt to use, proper grammar. Trying to decipher your post to find the information was like trying to understand Morse code for the first time. It sounds like English, but it doesn't look like it. Please, it literally hurt my eyes and my brain trying to determine where sentences ended and where capitalization should've occurred. I'm not asking for perfection, just punctuation. It was all one huge run on sentence. How hard is it to put a period in there somewhere?
I'm really sorry, but for all of us who use the internet for research, please don't try to kill us with horrific grammar. Thank you.