Sunday, November 4, 2012

wet n wild wheres the party limited edition collection

I seen these at kmart few weeks ago honestly i passed them up they looked similar to other collections that i have had as i have all the color ikon shadows that have came out but decided to go hunt them down today and pick them up I have found these most all places ( i live on east coast ) they had them at kmart , cvs, walmart , and walgreens .. i ended up buying at walgreens i have seen this collection on display or just in with other wet n wild permeant collections ... walgreens had a end cap of them there are 3 new limited edition pallets ....  these are on sale this week at walgreens buy one get one 50% off these pallets are 4.99 each !
 i almost passed this one up and got home to find out i was right this was released i think last year under the name i heart matte and this is the SAME pallet ! but if u missed it the first limited edition time last year here is ur chance to grab it again ! this is amazing and all the colors in this pallet is matte this one is called drinking a glass of shine #33918
 the next one below is shimmer the night away #33919 this pallet is mostly shimmer some mattes  but amazing colors and a lot of different looks u could do with this pallet ! this one puts me in mind of peddle pusher ( i will do swatches tonight on all the wet n wild pallets )
 next one would be my favorite out of all of them !!! called sparkle til morning #33917 neutral pallet <3
 this is how they were displayed at rite aid but i have also seen at kmart and others the center display so look all over !!!! my walgreens had theirs on a end cap ! happy finding for sure worth going to pick up ! and walgreens has bogo 50% off this week ! i will list all swatches tonight so check back im sure they are just as good as all the others as wet n wild shadows have been amazing !!!!!

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